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Mesothelioma: how it is diagnosed and treated

Asbestos has not been entirely banned in the U.S., and besides that, it can still be found in older buildings in the insulation, tiles, shingles and other materials. What Louisiana residents should know is that this mineral, once so widely used for its durability and resistance to heat, has been linked to a rare but aggressive cancer called mesothelioma. This…

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Frequency of hard braking may be linked with collision rate

The number of times that a Louisiana driver brakes hard may be connected to the frequency with which that driver gets in an accident. This is the correlation that Allstate explored in its 2019 America’s Best Drivers Report, which ranks the 200 most populous U.S. cities by hard-braking rate and collision rate. The auto insurer focused on accidents leading to…

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Challenges for self-driving vehicles in preventing accidents

Some Louisiana drivers may have heard that self-driving vehicles will drastically reduce motor vehicle accidents by eliminating human error. However, new research suggests that significant crash prevention may be more complex. A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that while most crashes do ultimately happen because of driver error, many of the mistakes leading up to the…

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Louisiana governor vetoes car accident tort reform bill

Legislation that would make it more difficult for car accident victims to pursue civil remedies was vetoed by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards on June 12. The Omnibus Premium Reduction Act, which is also known as Senate Bill 418, was passed by a 66-31 vote in the House and a 28-10 vote in the Senate. The legislation’s backers claim that…

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Researchers find errors in AI-supported medical imaging

Medical centers in Louisiana and throughout the country use many advanced imaging techniques to diagnose patients. Artificial intelligence has emerged as a tool in MRI, CT and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging machines, but its accuracy has come into question after a research team tested the algorithms employed by imaging software during image reconstruction. Small changes equal big errors The researchers…

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Driving safety on rural roads

Contrary to what some people may expect, rural roads in Louisiana can be significantly more dangerous in terms of motor vehicle accidents than city roads. Many people may be lulled into a false sense of security by their remoteness, assuming that fewer vehicles means more safety, but this is not the case. Wildlife in rural areas that may run out…

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