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10% of patients with a “Big Three” condition are misdiagnosed

In the medical field, there are three conditions, known as the “Big Three,” that are frequently misdiagnosed: cancers, vascular events and infections. It was only recently that a study, conducted by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, looked into the actual rate at which patients with one of the “Big Three” are misdiagnosed. Louisiana residents may want to know…

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More caffeine consumption, more crashes among truckers

An accident with a large truck may have left you dealing with catastrophic injuries and wondering how you’ll ever be able to support your family in New Orleans, Louisiana. If the truck driver was negligent, as is often the case, then you may have good grounds for a personal injury claim. One all too common way that truckers cause crashes…

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Old cars more likely to be in defect-related crashes

Louisiana residents who drive an older vehicle may have good reasons for doing so. After all, a car could last some 15 years and sometimes run for up to 300,000 miles, and many people don’t have the money to spend on buying a new car. New cars are expensive to maintain, too, and something as minor as a fender bender…

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For consumers with severe allergies, product labels are key

Products like food, medication or cosmetics can be harmless to some – but deadly to others. Certain ingredients are common triggers for life-threatening allergic reactions. That is why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufacturers to clearly state ingredients on product labels. Unfortunately, companies may fall short when it comes to keeping consumers safe. Sometimes, they exclude critical ingredients…

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How objects may be left behind during surgery

Surgical teams in Louisiana might be more likely to make an error if they are fatigued, if there is an emergency during the procedure or if there is a change in the surgical team. Although leaving objects in patients during surgery is uncommon, it does happen several thousand times a year throughout the country. Forceps, towels, scalpels and clamps are…

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Truckers who consume more coffee may get in more crashes

Truck drivers in Louisiana may drink coffee to stay awake, but one study argues that the long-term effect of excessive coffee drinking is possibly harmful. A U.K. transport safety lecturer, in partnership with the Virginia Tech Transport Institute, conducted a study involving a little over 3,000 truck drivers from eight different states. These drivers reported that they drink either one…

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