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Ikea failed to pull dangerous dresser from market

Consumer safety advocates are troubled that Ikea continued to sell a dangerous dresser for months after learning it no longer met safety standards, endangering the lives of children in Louisiana and around the world. Over the past 10 years, six children have been killed after top-heavy dressers from the Sweden-based retailer tipped over and crushed them. According to media reports,…

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Dangerous magnets return to the market

Louisiana children may be drawn to the shiny, brightly-colored balls that make up an array of magnetic objects sold as desk accessories or stress relievers. However, while they may want to play with the attractive magnets, they could face severe risks as a result. These small, rare-earth magnets are exceptionally strong, with an attractive pull 30 times stronger than that…

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Spring forward to DST linked to rise in fatal accidents

Springing forward to daylight saving time can leave many Louisiana residents with a feeling of jet lag. This can last for anywhere up to two weeks after the switch. It makes sense, tragic though it is, that the switch can contribute to an increase in car crashes as a result. One study from the University of Colorado Boulder says that…

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Asbestos continues to cause mesothelioma in exposed workers

Over the years, more information about various topics has allowed people to better understand the benefits and dangers of certain materials. For example, asbestos used to be a highly-used material, but the health hazards the material poses has become more of a concern. Unfortunately, too many people still face risks of mesothelioma from past or current exposure to asbestos fibers. The…

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Distracted driving continues to be a serious issue

These days, most people in Louisiana and elsewhere cannot leave their house without making sure they have their cellphone. While these devices can serve a number of useful purposes, they can also cause distraction in various parts of people’s lives. Many individuals may sneak a peek at social media while sitting in an office meeting or text a friend about…

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Mistakes made by ER staff can be harmful to patients

When you go to the emergency room in New Orleans, it is because you have a serious medical need to address immediately. Whether it’s a grave illness, complications from a surgery or a traumatic injury, when you need help, you trust the staff at your local ER. You believe that the doctors, nurses and technicians who take care of you…

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